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#davidknight TheDavidKnightShow 3-19-20 FullShow

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The David Knight Show Mar 19, 2020 InfoWars 01:38:26 Stem Cells reportedly cured COVID19 & reversed lung damage. But FDA gags info & bans the treatment Original Video: Topics by timecode: — 00:00:00 #SocialDistancing? If Biden doesn’t die from #COVID19, we know it’s fake. But it must be the End of World — Chicago aquarium has released the penguins — 00:04:35 Have you Blinded by Science & bogus statistics? Here’s what 2 scientists, an experienced virologist & an epidemiologist, say about COVID19. And, simple math shows the WHO is lying to you about the fatality rate. — 00:22:22 The...
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