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8/ SKYGGE - Mafia Love (Oystershell // COMPSOED WITH AI)

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'Hello World' album out now. Composed with artificial intelligence and artists like Stromae, Kiesza. The whole album here: LIEN STREAM/DOWNLOAD ALBUM: LIEN LYRICS VIDEO ‘Magic Man’: Liens SPOTIFY: LIEN CLIP ‘Hello Shadow’ Feat. Kiesza: + artists: Kyrie Kristmanson, Ash Workman, Camille Bertault, the Pirouettes, Médéric Collignon, C. Duncan, Michael Lovett, Jata, Catastrophe (Pierre Jouan), The Bionix, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sarah Yu Zeebroeke, Purcell… ------ Credit: Composed by SKYGGE with Flow Machines, inspired by pop of the 60s Audio stems generated: voice, from Curtis Clarke Jr. Piano, guitar: SKYGGE Mixed by SKYGGE Produced by SKYGGE This...
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